Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pieces Of A Dream Return Next Month With 'Soul Intent'

Philadelphia's own Pieces Of A Dream are set to return to the market with Soul Intent on February 24th. The album follows up their 2006 offering Pillow Talk and features a more live sound than previous sets. The group has added the skills of guitarist Rohn Lawrence and bassist David Dyson to pump up the group's sound this time out.

Co-founding group member Curtis Harmon says that most of the tunes on the upcoming disc were cooked up live in the studio. He explained: "Dave and I start playing some grooves --the bass player and myself, I'm the drummer -- then people, you know, everybody kinda joins in. And then once we get a basic, we start to mold and shape it into something. Almost kinda like pottery, if you will. You don't know what it's really gonna turn out like until you start molding and shaping it. "

The first single from the set is likely to be "Sway."

By: Janine Coveney

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