Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Philippe Saisse’s Career Carries Him to the World’s Edge

Over the course of his illustrious twenty year career songwriter, producer and keyboardist Philippe Saisse has thrived in the tenuous and challenging music industry by taking the kinds of creative risks that keep artists at the forefront of their craft.

Rather than sticking to the vibe that broke him through to the mainstream, the multi-talented artist is breaking genre barriers and finding renewed joy and creativity with At World’s Edge; a powerfully eclectic themed album inspired by his recent move to Los Angeles after living several decades in New York City.

Finding a new lease on his musical life in California, Saisse became a bona fide part of the city’s thriving scene the minute he hit town, working with smooth jazz greats Peter White, Rick Braun and Richard Elliot.

Eager to do another album of originals, Saisse reconnected with a batch of famed musicians from all over the world who he had collaborated with in the years between his first solo album and his acoustic trio work.

Released on March 10th, the album features the likes of Jeff Golub, Marc Antoine, Kirk Whalum and many others.

When Saisse moved to L.A. he got involved with Rick Braun and Peter White, he says, “It was like a whole new world opening up for me. It was time to make a record that would be a definitive stylistic statement of where I am as a musician, working with so many of my friends from over the years.”

In the midst of creating At World’s Edge, Saisse also managed to contribute to a slew of other major contemporary jazz projects as a songwriter/producer including solo records by Rick Braun, Richard Elliot, Kirk Whalum’s Grammy nominated, Round Trip, Warren Hill, Paul Brown & Marc Antoine, and Dave Koz.

“Making an album like At World’s Edge reminds me how much I enjoy the freedom of being able to make a living from pursuing my true passion,” Saisse says. “I’m most inspired when I get an email from a teenager who is listening to my music and discovering jazz for the first time. It’s a great feeling to pass it on to the next generation.”

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