Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Legend Releases 'Evolver' Today

As Grammy winner John Legend's brand-new CD, Evolver, is released today (October 28th), the singer and his music will be making a few appearances on CBS-TV this week to promote the project.

First, Legend has loaned his debut single, "Green Light," to CBS for use in the network's upcoming fall lineup promotional campaign, "The Biggest November Ever is Ready to Go on CBS," which launched Monday (October 27th). Other Legend tunes will be used on the network's daytime and nighttime lineups.

"No Other Love" will be heard in tonight's (October 28th) episode of the procedural drama NCIS, while on Thursday (October 30th), the new tune "Cross the Line" will be featured on the top-rated daytime drama The Young And The Restless.

Look for Legend himself to make an appearance this morning on The CBS Early Show. He'll also visit with David Letterman on Late Night on Thursday.

On the big screen, Legend is featured as the deceased lead singer of a popular soul singing group in the upcoming film Soul Men. Legend explained: "I play the third group member that left and became a solo artist but died. And the whole movie is kind of around the other two members who are doing like a road trip on the way to a reunion concert. And Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson play the two main characters who are going on this cross country road trip."

Legend's "Green Light" has landed at Number 22 on the urban adult charts.

By: Janine Coveney

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