Saturday, October 25, 2008

Walter Beasley | "Sax Meditations"

Be sure to listen to Walter Beasley's "Sax Meditations"  - From he says:

"The full digital album of sax meditations is now available at You can listen to the whole album on line before deciding to buy. This is by far my best work in attempting to use my music to soothe mind, body and spirit. I listen every night before I sleep; in the morning when I wake to help prepare for the day and while traveling. I really hope this blesses you as it has helped me through some very trying times
Relax and enjoy and Thanks for your continued support
Walter Beasley"

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dlc said...

Pretty bad not to have list of the tracks on this album anywhere on the internet, including his web site. At his website you can listen to one track, that's all. You don't have any idea what the rest of the album is like. You would have thought that a lesson would have been learned from the Bob Baldwin catastrophe. Oh well, I am a very large fan of Walter Beasleys but I am not going to buy this without hearing the excerpts first.

Mike said...

I hadn't noticed the absense of any listing. I recall listening to more than 'Another Day' which appears the lone track now. indicates "..You can listen to the whole album on line before deciding to buy." So, I don't know what's happened. Arguably any Walter Beasley is worth nine bucks 'sight unheard', but I see your point. Might be a site glitch on the previews. Here's the track listing. Thanks for stopping ...

1. Another Day
2. Her Presence
3. Oceanside
4. Beyond Me
5. Love Is What We Do
6. Forgiveness
7. The Unknown
8. Sunset In Southborough
9. Quiet Journey
10. Sounds Of Jupiter
11. Solace