Saturday, February 24, 2007

Benny Reid - 'Findings' Concord Jazz Debut CD Free Download

The upcoming Concord Jazz debut from 26 year old alto sax prodigy and rising jazz star Benny Reid, titled Findings, is set for release this coming Tuesday (Feb 27th). You can download the track “Dancing with my Father” for free right here:

A fresh and potent new voice on the modern jazz scene, 26-year-old alto saxophonist Benny Reid reveals a unique compositional vision along with an abundance of chops on his auspicious debut as a leader. A collection of six stirring suite-like compositions that unfold like richly appointed short stories, Findings is a fully realized work of remarkable depth and maturity that takes listeners on a musical journey traversing a whole range of emotions within each individual piece. And while the influence of Pat Metheny can be readily heard in the flowing melodicism, dramatic crescendos and overall uplifting nature of these half dozen tracks, Reid's own approach here is highly personal, inspired by a tragic event that forever changed the course of his life. ”The major inspiration for this record is my sister, who passed away when I was 13,” says the New Jersey native and current resident of Long Island City, Queens. “That is what drives me still. Back when I was a kid I promised myself, 'Some day I want to have her live through my music.' And now I am finally able to say, 'This is for her.'”...

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