Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paul Brown Explains His 'Rhythm Method'

Paul Brown is poised to hit the smooth jazz radio charts with his new single "The Rhythm Method," from his forthcoming album, White Sand. The hip, laidback groove was co-written by the guitarist-producer with collaborator D.C., who worked with Brown on his previous album, The City.

Brown says "Rhythm Method" was one of the first pieces he completed for White Sand: "That was the first one actually that we wrote for this record. And I had this one, and it was kind of like this herky-jerky, R&B kind of a track, and I didn't really know what to title it. But just the herky-jerkiness of it led me to call it 'The Rhythm Method.'"

White Sand will be released February 27th on the Peak Records label.

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