Monday, February 05, 2007

Norah Jones gets more comfortable

It's not as if Norah Jones had never written a song before.

On her blockbuster debut, "Come Away With Me," the alluring singer penned three tunes, two of which she wrote all on her own. But it was her interpretation of others' music that really drew listeners -- her breakthrough Grammy-winning song, "Don't Know Why," was written by pal Jesse Harris.

Harris returns on Jones' new CD, "Not Too Late" -- but as a guitar player. There was no need for another lyricist: Jones wrote or co-wrote each track on the 13-song CD, and has become a seasoned songwriter in her own right.

"If you asked me (to describe her) four years ago, I would have said, 'Great singer-pianist,' " Harris said recently. "Now you can't really say that she's just that. She's a lot of things now. There's another element that has come in -- there's different sides to her now."

Jones reveals her many facets on "Not Too Late," her most adventurous -- and arguably finest -- CD to date. Though she still croons the kind of slow, melodic tunes that turned her into a surprise multiplatinum sensation, the issues behind the songs have become more complex, and in some instances, biting and political.

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